一不小心就分了神 Our Minds Drifting Away, Again_ABSTRACT

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一不小心就分了神 Our Minds Drifting Away, Again

彩色 / 5’ 40” / 中英文字幕 單頻道錄像 / 雙聲道/ 2017

/ Colour / 5’ 40” / Single Channel Video/ Stereo/ Chinese & English Subtitles / 2017
Work by Lo Lai Lai Natalie 

幾分鐘的木雕製作過程,一個把木仿作日本傳統食材木魚乾的經驗, 純粹而簡單,製作人及拍攝者看似 專心投入,卻總有一不小心就分了 神的時候。

Few minutes making of a wooden sculpture, imitating a Katsuobushi (dried Bonito), the traditional ingredient in Japanese cooking. The process was pure and simple. We, the shooting and production team, seems focused, but without notice, our minds drifted away, again.